Digital Ad Operations Certification

Exam Information

All candidates that apply for the DAOC certification will have 6 months following their application date to successfully complete the DAOC examination.

Individuals that do not pass their exam will have to wait 90 days and pay a $125 re-test fee.

Anyone that exceeds the 6 months exam timeline will have to re-apply for the exam and pay all applicable fees.

Examination Blueprint

Executing Campaign Launch


  • Align Campaign Goals with Execution Strategy
  • Check Inventory and Availability
  • Ensure Tracking Tags are in Place
  • Enter Order Details
  • Perform Asset Intake
  • Review and Align Assets with the Media Plan
  • Implement Creative Assets
  • Perform QA and Pre-Launch Testing
  • Verify Successful Launch

Managing Live Campaign


  • Manage Client Expectations
  • Monitor Campaign Performance and Delivery
  • Troubleshoot Live Issues
  • Provide Campaign Reporting
  • Investigate Discrepancy
  • Manage Client Communications
  • Recommend Adjustments to the Campaign
  • Optimize Campaign
  • Manage Campaign Revisions
  • Respond to Malicious Activity
  • Reconcile Monthly Billing
  • Perform Post-Campaign Reporting Activities

Supporting Ad Operations Initiatives


  • Understand Industry Ecosystem and Terminology
  • Assist with Onboarding New Partners
  • Assist with QA of New Ad Products
  • Document Bugs, Workarounds, and Enhancement Requirements
  • Provide Internal and External Operational Feedback
  • Contribute to Product or Feature Strategy
  • Contribute to Research and Analytics

Managing Incidents


  • Perform Initial Diagnostics
  • Identify Incident Severity
  • Communicate Expectations, Updates, and Resolutions to Internal and External Clients
  • Advise on Business Impact and Incident Resolutions
  • Create and Supply Post-Mortems