Digital Media Sales Certification

Exam Information

All candidates that apply for the DMSC certification will have 6 months following their application date to successfully complete the DMSC examination.

Individuals that do not pass their exam will have to wait 90 days and pay a $125 re-test fee.

Anyone that exceeds the 6 months exam timeline will have to re-apply for the exam and pay all applicable fees.

Examination Blueprint

Comprehend Digital Advertising Ecosystem


  • Explain marketing models
  • Describe the digital landscape
  • Describe digital advertising formats and platforms
  • Define key digital advertising tools and technologies
  • Adhere to compliance standards/policies

Sell Digital Advertising Solutions


  • Identify client
  • Determine client needs
  • Align digital advertising solutions with client needs
  • Establish client KPIs
  • Design and present client proposal
  • Negotiate contractual agreement

Manage Digital Advertising Campaigns


  • Launch digital advertising campaign
  • Monitor digital advertising campaign
  • Optimize digital advertising campaign

Evaluate Performance


  • Analyze campaign delivery
  • Analyze campaign performance against KPIs
  • Review opportunities to renew or upsell digital advertising campaign